Stop premature ejaculation now

The Way To Last Longer In Bed For Men – Overcoming Rapid Ejaculation


Even the most experienced lover might find that he ejaculates too quickly from time to time. Because it's so prevalent, we can assume early ejaculation is almost a natural condition. This means that some men need to learn the art of lasting longer during sex, so they can obtain maximum sexual pleasure for themselves and completely satisfy their partner during sex.

There are several other challenges that can crop up when a man routinely refuses to manage his early ejaculation: these include unspoken resentment, stress within the partnership, and lack of interest in sex on the part of the woman, as well as perhaps even the chance of one partner having an affair. You see, most women enjoy lovemaking for its own sake with or without orgasms, because it allows them to feel connected and close to their man.

All in all, therefore, to improve the quality of your life and your relationship, both sexually and in every other way, you need to learn the art of lasting longer during sex. The average length of sexual intercourse is less than three minutes, which will not satisfy most women, even if they've achieved orgasm before intercourse starts. Men love to have a powerful man in bed with them, and they often measure that power by his ability to last long as long as he wishes during lovemaking. Explore tips to explode your sexual pleasure at ways to delay ejaculation. Further powerful and straightforward treatments for rapid orgasm are available here ways to control orgasmIt can be a challenge to focus on the need to last longer in bed when you're making love. Sadly, this can reinforce your tendency to ejaculate quickly.

That's why I want to give you some simple advice that can help you substantially enhance your staying power and sexual stamina. With the help of these three simple tips you can give yourself much more control of your lovemaking. Explore powerful tips to improve the strength of your relationship how to overcome premature ejaculationThe first requirement for controlling premature ejaculation is that you are 100% committed to improve your performance in bed. I've met a lot of men who say that they want to control it, but when they actually get into bed their good intentions quickly evaporate in the excitement of making love.

As I say, decide right now that you're going to control premature ejaculation and develop greater staying power. And if you can't find the motivation to do this for your own sexual pleasure, do it for your partner's sake, simply becausea happier woman in the bedroom is a happy woman outside the bedroom.Find out great tips to massively increase your sexual pleasure with this helpful source of information ways to control orgasmThe second step in the process is to learn to relax whilst you actually make love. Sexual intercourse tends to make the muscles of the body tighten up, and the body to become aroused – you see this in signs such as shallow breathing, perspiration, and an urge to ejaculate. 

But all of these things actually speed up your progress towards orgasm, so anything you can do to counteract them will slow you down.Other powerful and essential treatments for quick climax are described here ways to delay ejaculation You can help prevent tension by being aware of the rhythm and pace of sexual intercourse- slow it down every time you detect your body becoming tense and your breathing becoming faster. Equally, every time you find your breathing is quick and shallow, take a deep breath, pause, and re- establish a slower rhythm.

Third; always strive to develop greater sensitivity to the signals that your body uses to indicate the approach of orgasm. Most men who experience premature ejaculation simply do not know how near they are to the point of ejaculatory inevitability when they have sex. If you become more alert to your level of arousal, you can actually slow down or stop the pace of lovemaking until your arousal has decreased.

Ensure that you have at least half an hour to yourself and that you will not be disturbed before beginning to masturbate with a slippery lubricant such as olive oil. Bring yourself towards your orgasm again and again, but each time stop before you actually ejaculate. Keep a clear sense of how aroused you are, and tune into your body so that you can stop pleasuring yourself before you actually reach climax. It won't be long before you find you have much greater ability to maintain a high level of arousal without ejaculating. No matter how rapidly you reach the point of orgasm when you start this exercise, keep going, keep bringing yourself to the point of orgasm in backing off . Use self- discipline so you don't ejaculate, and you'll rapidly find that you can take more stimulation without ejaculating.

The object of this exercise is to discover ways that you can use to stimulate yourself to half an hour without having an ejaculation. Make sure that you bring yourself to a point where you feel you might ejaculate and then back off several times before you finally reach orgasm. So simple doesn't it? But it's a powerful exercise that can vastly increase your staying power and enable you to last much longer in bed. Even better, if you do this whilst enjoying intercourse with your partner, your staying power will increase dramatically, and your ability to last longer will impress both you and your partner.